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Subaru Diesel Swap

If you're looking for an easy and affordable swap for your subaru, we've got just what you're looking for. Not only do we have the perfect kit to help your car run smoothly again, but we're able to use your existing engine control unit (icu) input if you choose. Not to mention, this kit is easy to use and is a great way to improve your subaru's performance.

Oil Filter for Mazda KIA Nissan Subaru Honda Ford:323 III 3,323 II 2,626 V 5
Throttle Body Adapter 4 Bolt Intake to 3 Bolt TB w/Gasket Fits LS Trucks Adapter
LS Throttle Body 4 Bolt Intake to 3Bolt TB Gasket For LS1 Truck Adapter 551511XG

LS Throttle Body 4 Bolt

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Cheap Subaru Diesel Swap

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Top 10 Subaru Diesel Swap

This is a subaru diesel swap that includes a throttle body adapter 4 bolt intake to 3 bolt tb wgasket. The swap includes new all around parts including a new air filter, oil filter, drive system and all necessary hardware. This can help your drive the car in the long run by making sure you have the right connections and having a new tb help with the power need. The aluminum manifolds and tb combo provide superior power and performance. The result: improved fuel economy and objection-free driving. looking for a dually subaru forester? the boxer turbo diesel is perfect for you! With room for all your goodies, this diesel is sure to make your car run like a top. What's more, the boxer turbo diesel has a 2. 0l engine that can handle any challenge you put on it. So, go ahead and take your car to the next level! looking for a subaru forester boxer turbo diesel? you've come to the right site! We have all the latest models and equipment available "jeep" in the market and cheaper than any where! We also offer a wide variety of engines and types, so you're sure to find the perfect subaru forester boxer turbo diesel for your needs!