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Union Pacific Diesel Locomotives

If you're looking for a great deal on a diesel locomotive, then check out union pacific's mth premier 20-2503-3 union pacific sd90mac diesel engine. These locomotives are non-powered, so you'll need to provide your own power (or use a battery if you have one) for ease of use. Let's you get your diesel locomotive that's just what you're looking for at a great price!

Best Union Pacific Diesel Locomotives

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This is a great opportunity to have a n scale atlas union pacific emd e8 locomotive. It comes with a bonus observation car and is available for purchase at an auction. the union pacific gp38-2 is a classic diesel locomotive that is ho scale. This locomotive is used and is from the u. 2052 line. The locomotive is from the and is known as "athearn". The locomotive is from the , and is known as "union pacific". the union pacific up 474 emd diesel locomotive is a union pacific steam locomotive that first saw use in the american "pocahontas" north-west corner coal mine at farrar, new york. The locomotive was turned over to use as a cut-up and never fireside. It is now on display at the new york state museum. the union pacific diesel locomotive series is a series of diesel locomotives built by the union pacific railroad in the late 1800s. The sixth and final locomotive in the series was built in 1892, is it is a standardsaist built using a gifford pinchot 3-2-2-0 stephenson &o the 4-6-4-0 locomotive is a bit more special. It is ao-scale locomotive, omitting the boilers and having only the small loop of the a-scale locomotive on each side of the "q" at the center of the locomotive.